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Italy is a European country, but with its own characteristics. In our next article about Italy and the Italians, let's talk about the specifics of a taxi, because almost every tourist encounters this type of transport at least once for the whole trip.

How to find out the official Italian taxi

As elsewhere in the world, the official taxi and private buses run around the country. So, the identification signs of the official Italian taxi are those: the white or yellow color of the car, on which the number is indicated on the side, on top of the car body there is a sign "Servizo Pablico" and a luminous "checker" on the roof.

The licensed taxi has its advantages over private: free travel to the historical parts of the city, traffic on special lanes on the road to avoid "traffic jams". In the cabin of such a taxi should be a counter and a plate with rates in Italian, French, English and German.

Another sign of licensing is an information plate with information: the name of the company with the contact person, name, driver's name, registration parameters, telephone number.

Rules for calling a taxi in Italy

Calling a taxi in Italy is not a problem. The question is, do not get caught in a mess, communicating with this or that carrier. In more detail, we will dwell on the nuances of "communication" with Italian drivers-cabmen. In the country it is not accepted to "vote" when trying to catch a car - no one will stop.

You can call a taxi by phone from the nearest bar, restaurant, hotel. Cars of official taxis are located in special parking lots, generously scattered around Italian cities (especially large and highly sought after by tourists). Going to such a parking lot, you can easily find a car, the turn of which came to serve customers.

Be sure, when boarding the car in the parking lot, specify how much the trip will result in, in order to avoid surprises with payment. Insist on turning on the counter. Always keep small money in reserve, because drivers never have a deal, and Italian cabmen in particular are guilty of this.

If you call the car on the phone, then do not be surprised that you have to pay for the taxi driver's way to you, so call the car from a nearby parking lot. The fare prices are a separate, slightly depressing story for tourists, since tariffs in Italy are impartial.

Tariffs of the most expensive taxi in the world

They called a car - 2 euro out of your purse fell out. Landing and the first three kilometers cost an average of 2 to 12 euros. The most expensive cities in this regard: Biella, Cesena, Ferrara, Cuneo, Lucca, Palermo, Padua, Ravenna, Siena, Venice, Vercelli, etc. The tariff for 1 km is from 50 cents to 3 euros. Enjoy the lowest prices for Udine, Pisa, Trento, Milan, Genoa, Catania.

Rates for fare, for example, in Rome, are of three types:

1. Tariff T1: 1,1 euro per 1 km, valid up to the amount of 11 euros inclusive.

2. Tariff T2: 1.3 euros per 1 km, valid until the counter displays the amount of 13 euros.

3. Tariff T3: the maximum payment is 1.6 euros per 1 km.

Hit the "cork" - "Guard!" For the pocket. Be attentive, since the passenger is paying for the waggon, the speed of the trip should not exceed 20 km per hour. Tariffication in "traffic jams" starts from 8 euros (in Belluno), 14 euros (in Livorno) and reaches amounts incredible: in Milan 32 euros, in Rome 50 euros, in Venice 55 euros, in Monza 65.50 euros. The presence of luggage is paid. Night trips cost 30% more (from 22:00 to 06:00). On holidays and weekends for travel on top of the meter you will have to pay 5 more euros. The driver must have a written list of prices for additional services.

Italians, even those connoisseurs of female beauty, even on a taxi ride show their gentlemanliness: lonely taxi passengers pay 10% less. In Italy there is a tradition - 10% of the tip to the driver from the fare.

Taxi in Italy is the most expensive in Europe and one of the most expensive in the world. The numbers mentioned above are proof of this. Russian import is cheaper. For 1 km, the native taxi takes an average of about 50 cents (if you transfer the ruble tariffs in euros at the rate of 2016), and this is in the capital, and in the regions remote from the center the tariff is 10-20 cents lower.

Mobile applications for calling a taxi

Our life is simplified by technology, and the Internet makes it possible not to waste time on trifles. So the application developers tried to reduce the time spent searching for transport. There are programs that help to book a taxi all over Italy (AppTaxi) and an application for ordering a taxi in Rome (Chiama Taxi). The applications are free, developed on Apple or Android platforms. Using them, you reduce the waiting time of the taxi, the cost of the call. After making a few clicks, the application will be on your mobile device and help you to travel around Italy and its cities without problems.

Venetian water taxi

In Italy we will also meet a specific water taxi. Of course, you guessed that you can use it only in Venice. About a hundred boats both day and night deliver passengers to anywhere in Venice and the Venetian lagoon. This trip will last for 10 minutes: it takes so long to swim from one end of the city to the other.

The boat is ordered by phone or on the official website of the Venetian taxi service. Phone order costs plus 4 euros to the amount of travel. Travel around the city will cost from 50 euros. Boats are equipped with fire extinguishers, life jackets. Communication with the dispatcher occurs on the radio.

The capacity of the boat is 10 people, there are 12 places for luggage. Transfer from the airport of Venice is possible. The boat can also make sightseeing tours around the city: along the Grand Canal, the islands of Venice, the glass-blowing factory of Murano. The driver on demand stops for photo sessions. The itinerary can be changed at any sightseeing moment.

Taxi boats are located in all transport terminals of Venice: Santa Lucia Railway Station, Marco Polo Airport, Port, Piazzale Roma.

Peculiarities of the Italian carriage

In Italy, you may encounter another problem: non-speaking, mostly English or Russian taxi drivers. We advise you to write on the scrap of paper the name of the place where you go, in Italian.

If you go to your hotel, then the hotel card will be useful: you can show it to the driver, and he will understand where you go.

Another feature of the Italian taxi drivers: if you have a common language with him, then the conversation on souls can not be avoided. About himself, his family, he will tell everything.

Italians-drivers do not really follow the state of their "swallow". Be prepared for the unexpectedness associated with the repair of the car.

Drivers-cab drivers - famous drivers, so fasten and breathe deeply, while you are delivered to the destination.

But the most terrible and unpleasant moment will be the use of illegal taxi services: for "communication" with a private entrepreneur without a license will have to pay a fine of 500-800 euros. So the authorities in Italy decided to fight illegal carting.

As you can see, Italian transportation is expensive and not everyone can afford it.

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