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Resorts of Tunisia

Map of Tunisia with resorts and airports

This review is an indispensable assistant for a tourist when choosing the most suitable resort in Tunisia. We showed the location of all the resort areas of Tunisia, as well as the airports of the country.

In the text you can read briefly about the peculiarities of each Tunisian resort and the time of transfer from the airport. On what excursions it is convenient to travel, what interesting can be found at each resort.

Sousse Resort

The city of Sousse is one of the most ancient Arab cities in Tunisia, founded as early as the second Arab expedition to the Maghreb at the same time as Kairouan.

Now it is a popular resort. In addition to the magnificent sandy beaches, Sousse boasts a well-preserved medina and a magnificent archaeological museum with a stunning collection of Roman mosaics, second only to the Bardo museum.

Resort Port El Kantaoui

Port El Kantaoui is a special zone created for tourism. Here are the newest and well-equipped hotels in the country, golf courses and dozens of souvenir shops.

Should I choose El Kantaoui as a beach holiday destination or prefer the neighboring Sousse or Hammamet? What is interesting for tourists provides this Tunisian resort town? Read and see photos of the nature of this region and the main shopping street of Port El Kantaoui.

Hammamet Resort

The name "Hammamet" translates as "a place for swimming". This city became a popular resort in the era of the French protectorate, when here for the winter came the rich French.

Perhaps it is the most famous Tunisian resort region, where at one time rest and bathed Winston Churchill, Marshal Rommel and other celebrities. But are its world fame and real quality of rest in local hotels comparable? Read the answer in our review.

Yasmine Hammamet Resort

Yasmine Hammamet is the youngest special resort area in Tunisia. It is located to the south-west from the city of Hammamet. Yasmin is known as the place of maximum concentration of 5 star hotels in the country.

But one thing to read advertising booklets, and another thing to assess the situation objectively - to understand all the real advantages and disadvantages of rest in the hotels of Yasmine Hammamet. Should I believe in advertising or choose another holiday destination in Tunisia? Read the answer in our article.

Resort Nabeul

Nabeul is an ancient city, famous for the whole country by the best ceramics. It is also a large agricultural center of Tunisia, the main specialization is the cultivation of citrus fruits.

For tourists, Nabeul is interesting as a place for budget rest, there are few hotels here, but the prices are encouraging. In addition, this is not a resort area, but an ordinary city, where you can see the real Tunisia. Read all about this in our review.

Skanes Resort and the city of Monastir

Skanes is a resort area of ​​the city of Monastir. Monastir is the hometown of President Habib Bourguiba, and he spared no money for the improvement of his homeland. Here, tourists are waiting for gardens, wide avenues and a mausoleum, where the body of the president rests.

The main convenience of Monastir is the proximity of the international airport, where charter flights from Russia take place. It is also the main drawback, few people want to relax under the hum of aircraft. About other pros and cons of Skanes read in our article.

Mahdia Resort

Mahdia is the ancient capital of the country, founded by the founder of the Fatimid dynasty. The city received its worldwide fame, when an almost intact ancient ship was found here, Jacques Yves Cousteau and his team of scuba divers took part in his research.

For tourists, Mahdia is interesting as a place for a quiet family holiday. There are only ten hotels, bars, discos or nightclubs here. It is a small remote but insanely cozy resort.

Gammarth Resort

Gammarth is the main resort area near the capital of the country - the city of Tunisia. Gammarth is designed for independent tourists from Europe, there are very few Russians here.

The main advantage of Gammarth is the proximity of all the capital's attractions: Carthage, Sidi Bou Said, Bardo Museum, Medina of Tunisia and others. For more details on this and other strengths and weaknesses of Gammarth, see our article.

Zarzis Resort

Zarzis is the southernmost resort area of ​​Tunisia. The city is on the border with the Sahara desert and is famous for its huge olive groves.

There are few local attractions in Zarzis, but tourists are attracted to beaches with amazing clean and soft sand and the convenience of traveling on excursions to the Sahara. More information about this and other disadvantages and advantages of Zarzis can be found in our detailed review.

Djerba Island

Seldom you meet, when the whole big island is a resort. In Tunisia, there is such a phenomenon, this is the island of Djerba in the southern part of the country.

The island of Djerba boasts several interesting sights, the most famous are the crocodile farm and the El-Griba synagogue. Beaches of the island have their own peculiarities, what you can read about in our review.

Resorts of Egypt

Map of Egypt with resorts

A detailed map with all major resort areas of Egypt. Description of each group of resorts - Sinai, Suez, Mediterranean and the group "Red Sea". Travel time to each city from the nearest airport, and where on the map are the main air ports.

We also give recommendations on which resort to choose, depending on the purpose of the trip and preferences for vacation.


Hurghada - the capital of the region "Red Sea" and the largest in Egypt resort, rivaled only by Sharm el-Sheikh. Hurghada is not only beaches and hotels, but also shops, discos, water parks and shopping centers.

Read in this article about the features of the resort of Hurghada for Russian tourists and about some interesting sights of the city.

Sharm El Sheikh

The capital of the Sinai Peninsula and the second largest resort in Egypt is Sharm El Sheikh. Here you can find any hotels - from cheap "treshok" to the most luxurious "fives".

Read about what you can see here interesting, attractions and entertainment. Features of holiday in Sharm El Sheikh for tourists from Russia.


Dahab is a paradise for fans of windsurfing, kite surfing and yachting. There is always a wind that is necessary for athletes. Also there are many interesting places for divers.

But is it worth it for an ordinary beach tourist to go to Dahab? There are advantages to this, but there are also disadvantages. Read all about this in our review.

El Qusair

The resort of El Qusair is located in the middle between Hurghada and Marsa Alam. From the airport, tourists travel here by bus for about two hours. But is it worth El-Kusair addition? Does this resort justify the money that is asked for rest here in travel agencies?

We tried to answer these questions, told about local sights and advantages for tourists. Read and decide - go here or choose something else.

Marsa Alam

The resort of Marsa Alam is considered very uncomfortable for Russians, since from Hurghada airport to go here for three hours or longer. Although Marsa Alam has its own airport, charter flights from Russia do not fly here.

There are several attractions, unique for Egypt and a developed tourist infrastructure. But is it worth the time to travel to Marsa Alam for a trip? Read in our article.

El Gouna

The town of El Gouna is also called "Egyptian Venice". This resort did not arise spontaneously, but was built in an organized way. El Gouna is a group of plots of land with hotels and shops, separated by canals from each other.

This resort has many features. For example, only a few hotels in El Gouna have their own beaches, and in many hotels the staff does not speak Russian at all. We have talked about all this in detail in this article.

Makadi Bay

Makadi Bay is not even a city, but a district. There are no settlements, it's just a piece of coast with hotels, most of which are "five". If you aim to rest on shops or discos, then Makadi Bay - this is a bad option, but for a beach holiday, it will suit perfectly.

All the shortcomings and advantages, about the hotels in Makadi Bay, see this review. And in Makadi Bay there is its own water park - small, but very convenient and interesting.


Nuweiba is a small resort on the Sinai peninsula, there are only a dozen hotels here. Nuweiba is perfect for those tourists who need only the sea, the sun and tranquility, because there are clean beaches and clear water.

However, lovers of sightseeing rest Nuweiba will also be very convenient, because very near are Mount Moses, the monastery of St. Catherine and the Color Canyon. All the advantages and disadvantages of Nuweiba can be found in our review.


Safaga is a large city and a port on the Red Sea coast. The function of the resort for Safaga is secondary, and it is considered an option for budgetary rest. There are only a dozen hotels here, and all of them are modest. The five-star hotel in Safaga is only one.

In Safaga, you can find unique black sand, rich in trace elements and undergo a course of SPA procedures. All the features of a holiday in Safaga can be found in this article.

Soma Bay

This resort is located on the Soma Peninsula. Here are built only expensive hotels, and the rest is not cheap. The hotel staff does not know Russian well, because they are focused on European tourists.

Read in our article about these hotels and holiday features in Soba Bay for Russians. What interesting things to see next, and what excursions from here it is worth to go.

Sahl Hasheesh

Sahl Hasheesh is a zone that the Egyptian authorities gave to development companies for the development of tourism and the construction of luxury real estate. It's a pity, but the project failed with the scale that the authors of the business plan planned.

But the hotels here were built and receive tourists. In Sahl Hasheesh there are many interesting things - a flooded city artificially constructed under the water for divers, a central square with many shops and restaurants. All this in detail in the article.

Ain Sokhna

Ain Sokhna is the most popular resort in the Suez region. Its main advantage is its proximity to Cairo and the main attractions of Egypt - the Egyptian pyramids, the Cairo Museum and the citadel of Mohammed Ali.

However, the resort of Ain Sokhna has many shortcomings for Russians - the absence of All Inclusive, the scatter of hotels along the coast and quite high prices. For all the pros and cons, read the review.


Taba is a small resort town on the Sinai Peninsula. It is located right on the border with Israel, and across the border is the Israeli resort town of Eilat.

Despite the poor development of tourism infrastructure in Taba, the tourist flow here is relatively high. It's about proximity to Israel and cheap excursions to Jerusalem. Read all about this in our review.

Resorts in the Mediterranean Sea

Mediterranean resorts of Egypt are not in great demand among foreign tourists, but they are very popular with the Egyptians themselves. The rest in Egypt on the Mediterranean has many features, which we described in detail in this article.

Answers to the main questions. Should I choose these resorts for rest to Russian tourists? Is it possible to save this way on holiday in Egypt? Is it convenient to travel from here to the sights?

Resorts in the United Arab Emirates


Dubai is the most populated emirate in the UAE, although it is inferior to neighboring Abu Dhabi over an area 17 times over. Dubai has now become one of the largest air traffic hubs and a world resort where the number of hotels is already approaching a thousand.

There are no important historical sites in the UAE, but in Dubai they created modern miracles - Burj Khalifa, Dubai fountains, Dubai Mall. Read all about this in our article.

Abu Dhabi

The emirate of Abu Dhabi is the largest in the area in the United Arab Emirates, but as a resort it is much inferior to Dubai both in terms of the number of hotels and in terms of opportunities for entertainment.

However, many tourists prefer Aba Dhabi, because there is something to see, what can not be found in Dubai - the Sheikh Zayd Mosque or the Ferrari attraction park. From here you can go on an excursion to the island of Sir-Bani-Yas. For all the benefits, read the article.

Sharjah and the small emirates

Sharjah, Fujairah, Ajman, Umm al-Quwain and Russ Al Khaimah do not enjoy tourists such popularity as Dubai or Abu Dhabi. Only tours to Sharjah are sold in Russia relatively well, as the prices for accommodation in hotels here are low.

But each of these emirates is interesting in its own way. Read our review and decide which one will be the most attractive, and which does not make sense to consider.

Resorts of the Dominican Republic

Punta Cana

The main resort of the Dominican Republic is Punta Cana, which officially has the status of a "village". What are the most interesting beaches and hotels for Russian tourists? What can you see next to not resorting to a long bus ride? We answer all these questions in this review.

And also, where is Punta Cana on the map of the Dominican Republic? What are the main tourist areas? And what do tourists prefer to do here on vacation?

La Romana and others

The resort of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic is so famous in the world that most tourists know nothing about other resort towns of the country. In this article, we tried to correct the situation.

La Romana, Boca Chica, Samana, Juan Dolio, Puerto Plata - these are interesting resorts, which should be read at least out of curiosity. On the features of each and their place on the map of the Dominican Republic.

Resorts in Turkey

Antalya and Belek

Antalya is the most famous resort of the Turkish Mediterranean Riviera. Rest in Antalya itself is a quick access to the sights, shopping centers and shops of the city.

Belek is famous for its beautiful sandy beaches and golf courses. It is also the location of one of the best water parks in Turkey - Troy. For all the advantages and disadvantages of these resort towns, read the review.

Side, Alanya and Kemer

Alanya is Turkey's largest resort. It is extremely popular with Europeans, especially tourists from Germany. Russians do not like him very much.

Where is more popular among Russian tourists enjoy Kemer with its pebbly beaches. And Side is a cozy resort town in the east of Belek. About these resort towns, we described in detail in this article.

Izmir and the Aegean coast

In Turkey, famous resorts on the Mediterranean - Antalya, Belek, Alanya, but the resorts of the Aegean Sea are no less interesting. Especially since Izmir is near - the economic capital of the country with all its shopping centers and shops.

Read in this review: figures and interesting facts, history and advice to tourists.

Resorts of China

Hainan Island

Hainan Island in China for a year takes a huge number of tourists, and this tourist flow is comparable with the volume of the entire tourism business in Egypt or Tunisia. At the same time, more than 90% of holidaymakers in Hainan are the Chinese themselves, and from here follows a number of features that you need to know about.

Read about what the Russians are preparing for in Hainan. What city on the island to choose for recreation, a bit of history and interesting facts about the island of Hainan.


The city of Sanya is located on the south coast of Hainan Island, it is the biggest resort on the island. Sanya is conditionally divided into several parts, each with its own characteristics and prices.

Read about the areas and beaches in Sanya, what the Russians will see here, and what must be learned before the trip. How to choose a hotel and whether you need to know Chinese for a quality stay in Sanya.

Resorts of Austria

Lake Carinthia

The region of Carinthia in Austria is famous for its lakes with the purest mountain water. Every year the Mayor of Klagenfurt (the capital of the region) drinks water from the lake, proving that the water in the lakes has not lost its purity.

Carinthia proves that beach rest does not necessarily have to take place at sea. Here, tourists enjoy the magnificent nature, tranquility, comfort and hospitality of Austria.

Resorts in Israel


Israel owns only a narrow stretch of shore on the Red Sea - only 15 kilometers. It is here that Eilat is the only year-round resort in Israel. Eilat is not only the sun and warm sea all year round, but also a special economic zone where the VAT (VAT) tax does not apply.

Despite all the advantages, many Russian tourists leave Eilat frustrated. Why? Read about this in our review.

Resorts in Italy


The city of Rimini is in Italy on the Adriatic coast. This is the most visited Italian resort, and here it is always a lot of Europeans. Russians are waiting for a lot of surprises.

I wonder why some Russians go here with joy, and some will never go? Then read the description of the resort of Rimini, the history of this city and about the features of recreation here.

Resorts Morocco


Agadir is the southernmost resort in Morocco on the Atlantic coast. He is the only one in the country that can be called year-round. It is very unusual for Russians, there is no All Inclusive, and it's almost impossible to find Russian-speaking staff at the hotel.

Read about all the important features of this resort city, interesting facts and figures. Tips for tourists on the choice of a hotel and excursions in Agadir.


Casablanca is a big resort, and the city in Morocco is the economic capital of the country. For tourists, it is attractive to the proximity of shops and shopping centers, attractions and entertainment places.

Unfortunately, in winter the sea in Casablanca is not warm enough for swimming. On the weather, shopping and entertainment read in our review.

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