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What to bring from Turkey cheap and interesting - photos and prices

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Before traveling to Turkey, it is useful to get acquainted with the information about the country. This series of articles will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and enjoy your holiday.

In this article we will tell you what you can buy in Turkey for yourself or bring your relatives, friends and colleagues. Let's start with our traditional wish, bring a lot of good impressions, good mood and a beautiful tan from the hot Turkish sun.

The first interesting souvenir, which should be brought from Turkey, is, of course, Feska.

This is the national Turkish men's hat. Fesca is called only among us, in the rest of the world he is called Fez. The name of this headdress was from the city of Fez in Morocco, where it first appeared.

But it was most common in Turkey. The story is long, perhaps we will make a separate article about Fez.

There is such a cap from 5 to 10 US dollars. Sold at every corner.

If you go to a fez in Turkey, the Turks will not feel any negative for you. Merchants will, even, praise, for them it will be a convenient occasion to start a conversation.

The next interesting acquisition in Turkey will be Turkish sweets. Turks have learned to make lukum, baklava and halva not only very tasty, but also very beautiful.

The variety of colors and forms of Turkish sweets is also striking. In the sweetness add nuts, chocolate crumbs, dried fruits. Thus, the beauty and diversity of these products is achieved.

In Turkey, sweets are sold almost "on every corner", especially in tourist areas. Depending on the types of sweetness and external appeal, the price can range from 5 to 20 dollars per kilogram.

In the section on the cuisine of Turkey, there are detailed articles on baklava , lukuma and halva , we recommend that you read.

Some tourists prefer to buy sweets in their factory packaging. This is a very reasonable choice.

Another delicious gift will be Turkish fruit wine. Fruit wine is considered a low-alcohol beverage, it contains only 7-8% of alcohol, in Russia they sell beer that is "stronger".

A low "fortress" is due to the fact that there are not so many sugar in the berries, there simply is not enough of it in order to provide a high alcohol content.

Many people, using these wines, do not even feel that it is an alcoholic drink.

For the preparation of such wines, any berries and fruits that grow in Turkey are used. These are strawberries, blueberries, cherries, pomegranates, apricots and other berries and fruits. And the most unusual, perhaps, is wine from mulberry.

This wine has a very pleasant taste and excellent aftertaste. It is sold in many shops in the resort areas, recall that in Turkey there are no restrictions on the sale of alcohol.

Remember that the import of alcoholic beverages on the territory of Russia is limited. If you buy a lot of alcohol, you will have to communicate with our customs.

The next answer to the question: "What to bring from Turkey?" Can be a product from onyx. In Turkey, huge deposits of this stone. Figures are sold everywhere. See the PHOTO gallery of gifts and souvenirs from Turkey.

Onyx is very soft for stone. And for a long time used by man to create dishes and other ornaments.

Onyx is a stone related to quartz, its peculiarity is that small impurities determine the color of this stone. Layered interlayers form. A white interlayer is formed due to the impurity of calcium, brown due to the impurity of iron.

Tableware and figurines from onyx are cheaper in Turkey than in Russia, if you like them, then it is better to buy them.

There is one property of onyx dishes, making it attractive, which is described by the sellers. We will be cautious in his description on the website, as it is of a medical nature. It is believed that dishes made of onyx are able to transfer trace elements of food and beverages that are in it. It is said that if you have a calcium deficiency, you can drink from a cup that consists mostly of onyx with white interlayers, if you have iron deficiency, then drink from a cup with a lot of brown veins. It is difficult to say whether this is true or not, but it can be said for sure that the dishes made of onyx are not a threat. We do not recommend the use of onyx for the treatment of diseases, but you can try using onyx dishes.

Many tourists bring a hookah from Turkey. Indeed, hookah costs in Turkey cheaper than in Moscow. The most simple hookah can be bought here for 10-15 USD. If you want a hookah larger or a hookah with ornament and chased picture, you will have to lay out about 100-150 USD. The only drawback is that most people who bought a hookah in Turkey, brought it home, smoked once, and the shisha lay down on the shelf, where it still lies. Think about it, but will you use it?

Having bought a hookah, remember that it contains a glass element that can easily break during transportation, not always Turkish traders complete hookahs with a reliable box.

Many are trying to bring leather goods from Turkey. Indeed, leather products there are inexpensive, and are of high quality. In the production of leather goods in Turkey, pigskin is not used, the main raw material is lamb's skin. Even the touch feels that the skin is soft and pleasant.

In Turkey, you can buy colorful Turks for coffee and Turkish coffee.

Turks for coffee are not very popular in the shops of tourist zones, they still need to be looked for.

The price for national utensils for cooking coffee can reach $ 300, depending on the ornamentation, engraving, and, most importantly, the metals used, sometimes precious.

Turkish coffee itself has a sharp and bitter taste, it is, as they say, "an amateur."

Very popular in Turkey fruit teas, especially apple tea. Also, we recommend you try and buy, of course, if you like it. Fruit teas are served in all the hotels in the restaurant and bar.

Separately, we should talk about jewelry. Many go to Turkey for gold. Gold in Turkey is a very dubious acquisition. In some stores, gold is sold for 600-700 rubles per gram. In the materials we often warn readers, and we will do it now:

Calculation for those who want to buy gold:

At the time of this writing (August 2013), the price of gold on the stock exchange is 1411 USD per troy ounce.

1 troy ounce = 31.1 grams

Get, the exchange price for 1 gram of gold = 45.37 USD / gram.

You will be offered to buy not gold 99.99%, and an alloy of 585 tests, this is 58.5% gold. We calculate the minimum price for such an alloy. This price is 26.56 USD per gram, and this price is only gold. This alloy still includes silver and other metals, this is another 0.35 USD. Total minimum price of metals in this alloy is, roughly, 27 USD.

In rubles, the price is about 900 rubles.

This price does not take into account the cost of work on the creation of the product and the trade mark-up.

You can always make a similar calculation yourself by looking at the internet exchange price for gold and silver. Gold's gram is cheaper than 1000 rubles (the condition for August 2013) can not cost. Do you really think that someone will sell you gold products at a price that is lower than the exchange? Of course, no one will sell. At the same time, at a price of 1000 rubles, all participants of the trading enterprise, and these are suppliers, masters and a store, work for 10%, they obviously do not have enough money for decent earnings.

Be careful when buying jewelry. Remember that you, most likely, will not return here, "faking" you a fake is the sweetest thing.

Many are trying to buy a carpet in Turkey. From our point of view, this is also a dubious acquisition. To carry a large carpet through the green zone is likely not to succeed, will have to declare and pay.

Textiles should be purchased only if you are well versed in it. There are a lot of negative reviews about substandard garments or just about fake brands.

And the last tip. Most likely, you will buy goods in dollars or euros, but you may have to deal with the Turkish lira. Her course is constantly changing, be vigilant. Also you can read our article about Turkish money.

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