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What can and can not be exported from Turkey

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The situation with prohibitions on the export of items from Turkey is very interesting. The laws here are arranged so that the Turkish customs has the right to make claims to every second tourist. But in fact, customs officials do not stop anyone. In this matter, the strictness of laws is compensated by the non-necessity of their execution. We will tell in detail.

Where to find official information

If you go to the website of the Turkish Ministry of Customs and Trade, then you will not find any information on tourists that are prohibited for export. The site politely offers to read the Customs Code of Turkey (Turkish Customs Code) in the version of October 27, 1999 under the number 4458.

Tourists have to navigate through other sources, which have already formed lists for tourists. The most popular such source is IATA (International Air Transport Association, International Air Transport Association). It is their data that we give in this article.

What is forbidden to export

Strictly prohibited to export items of antiquities and antiques. They are also prohibited from importing into Turkey . When buying a souvenir that looks similar to something ancient, be sure to take a check to present this check to the customs and avoid potential trouble.

The next group of prohibitions looks absurd:

- Products from grain. Here it is not completely clear what exactly is meant - flour products or cereals;

- Tea;

- Cocoa;

- Coffee;

- Spices.

This list partially coincides with the list of popular tourist souvenirs from Turkey . Theoretically, customs officers can "grab the hand" of every second tourist, if not every first, because tea, coffee or spices are brought by many. The Turkish baklava is also theoretically banned.

In practice, tourists are not given claims for tea, coffee, spices and baklava, tourists who have rested in Turkey calmly pass through the green corridor.

Pebbles, shells, corals and the like

Theoretically, there are no bans on exporting this from Turkey. In practice, pebbles or shells can be considered a cultural value by customs officers, sent for inspection, and tourists detained until clarification of the circumstances.

Our advice: do not risk in vain, are there pebbles from the beach or shells of this risk? If you bought something like that, then keep the checks.

Cigarettes and tobacco products

Prices for cigarettes in Turkey are among the highest not only in Europe, but also in the world, and tourists are not brought back by cigarettes. Another thing - it's hookah tobacco, which tourists like to bring from Turkey.

Freely you can take out up to 2 kilograms and up to 3 boxes of tobacco - these are very soft norms. We draw attention to the fact that we will have to import all this into the territory of Russia, and restrictions on the import of tobacco are much more stringent - only 250 grams.

Alcoholic beverages

Turkish drink "crayfish" sometimes gets into luggage to tourists on the way back from Turkey, as well as local fruit and berry wines are popular as gifts.

Freely you can take out up to 5 kilograms and up to 12 bottles of local alcoholic beverages. We remind you that the norms for importing alcohol to Russia are much tougher - 3 liters duty-free, from 3 to 5 liters with payment of fees, more than 5 liters to import into Russia is prohibited


Their cost should not exceed 100 Turkish liras . The weight of each product should not exceed 5 kilograms. Here we are obliged to remember that Russia has strict restrictions on the importation of food. Check whether this food is not banned for import into the Russian Federation.

Gifts and souvenirs

Their total cost should not exceed 5,000 Turkish liras. If more, you need to present a check on the currency exchange and prove that they exchanged money for the purchase of souvenirs.

At the time of writing this article (2016), 5,000 lira is about 100,000 rubles. Many readers will ask: how can you collect souvenirs and gifts for such a sum? You can, if you buy carpets, coats or leather clothes. Our advice: if you decide to buy something expensive in Turkey, then be sure to keep checks about currency exchange.

Rules for the export of currency

Money "Turkish lira" can be exported outside of Turkey, in contrast to, for example, Egyptian pounds or Tunisian dinars . Turks are very eager to make their currency freely convertible, hence its free export outside the country.

Turkish currency (pictured left) tourists rarely export - coins as souvenirs or for collector purposes. If you left the country in your pockets there were Turkish lira, then we strongly recommend that they be exchanged for dollars. The Turkish lira is constantly depreciating. For example, in June 2015, the TRY / USD rate was 2.7, and in November 2016 (at the time of writing this article) is already 3.4. That is, the holders of Turkish lira have lost 26%! Be sure to get rid of Turkish money.

You can freely export amounts up to $ 5,000 or equivalent in other currencies. If you export more, the amount should have been declared at the entrance. These norms are adopted to combat the export of illegally obtained money.

If you imported one currency, declared it, and then export another currency, then present checks on the exchange.

Successful communication with Turkish customs, and read other interesting articles about Turkey on our website ( links below ).

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