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How many flights to Turkey from Moscow and other cities

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In this article we will tell you how much to fly to Turkey and about the plane on which you may have to fly there Airbus A321. In the middle of the article you will find a table with an average flight time from most Russian cities.

We used the word "do not" accidentally, Turkey is not far away and most of the planes that are used on charter flights belong to the class of "narrow-fuselage" and do not have good comfort, they are usually performed according to the most unfortunate for the passengers scheme "3 + 3" , Airbus A321 is no exception.

The distance from Moscow to Antalya is only 2,150 kilometers, and the flight time from Moscow, usually, does not exceed 3.5 hours. For those tourists who do not like flights, we recommend this country for a beach holiday.

On this route, very different aircraft are used, even the giant Boeing 747 is flying to Turkey. The use of large aircraft is justified, because Turkey is very popular with tourists and the flow of passengers is very large.

The flight time from different cities is different. Of course, the closest thing to fly to Turkey is the residents of the Southern Federal District. Those who live in Siberia, to fly far to Turkey, and often for them tours to Thailand are cheaper than in Turkey, especially if you consider the low price for hotels and food in Thailand.

On the left you see a table with the flight time (in hours) from Russian cities to the city of Antalya in Turkey, almost all charter flights arrive at the airport of this city.

As you already noticed, the table is very large, charter flights to Antalya fly directly from almost all major cities of Russia.

This is one of the delights of Turkey, tourists from different cities can fly directly. Of course, less frequent flights are organized not every day, only from Moscow to Antalya you can fly out any day of the week, and the flights are organized every day a few.

A very important point when you calculate the time of flight is the time difference. Turkey lives in Eastern European time, that is, the difference with Moscow is 2 hours. To many, this seems strange, given that we are about one geographical longitude.

Time in flight back and forth can be very different, up to one hour difference, this is due to different flight routes. By the way, the route of charter flights to Antalya is not in a straight line.

For flights with a flight duration of less than 5 hours, narrow-fuselage aircraft of a small flight radius are used.

This is Boeing 737 (the most massive airliner), Russian airlines use versions 300 and 400, Boeing 757, which is already a medium-range aircraft, it is longer than 737th. Airbus uses the Airbus A320 and the Airbus A321, the 320th smaller, and the 321st slightly larger.

Boeing 737 and Airbus A320 can accommodate up to 180 passengers, Boeing 757 and Airbus A321 up to 220 people on board.

All these planes are very similar to each other, all have the same scheme of landing passengers "3 + 3" with one central passage.

This scheme is not very convenient, since a person sitting by the window has to "jump over" two passengers if he wants to get up and stretch his legs or retire for more important things. The passage is narrow enough, and it is difficult to miss two people.

When you fly from Moscow to St. Petersburg or to Volgograd, it is not of fundamental importance, the flight passes in accordance with the "sel-poel-prilelet" scheme, but the flight to Turkey is more prolonged.

The Airbus A321 is considered a fairly new aircraft, it has been produced since 1994, unlike its younger brother (by size, not age) A320, which began in 1988.

For those who are going to fly on this plane, we will tell good news. It is considered very reliable, in all, more than 5,000 units were produced, and there were only 6 accidents involving passengers, this is very small. You can feel safe in the cabin of this plane.

When choosing places, consider.

1. The places near the emergency exits have more legroom, they are more comfortable for high people.

2. In the places before emergency exits, the backrests do not recline, this is due to the fact that the emergency exit must not overlap.

3. The seats in the very first row of the economy class have free space, they are a little more convenient.

4. On the last row, the backs of the chairs also do not recline, do not take these places.

Now we will open a little secret, we will teach you to distinguish Boeing 737 from Airbus planes "by sight". You will be able to show off your knowledge, show your erudition, or, perhaps, become an expert in the field of aircraft.

Even if you do not see the name, you can distinguish these planes in the form of engines.

When the designers designed the Boeing 737, it turned out to be very low, and there was a serious risk that the engines could hit the ground when landing. Therefore, the engine had to be made slightly flattened.

To distinguish is simple. The flattened engine = Boeing 737, the usual round engine = Airbus A320 or A321.

Boeing 737

Airbus A320

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Reference information for tourists departing to Turkey airports:

AYT is the official letter of the airport of Antalya. The letters are quite logical, which can not be said about many other airports in Turkey.

GZP is the official designation of the airport in Alanya. Such letters are chosen in connection with the name of the air port, which is officially called "Giza Pasha". At the time of this writing, flights from Russia to this airport do not fly, all Russian tourists have to travel to Alanya by bus for two hours. Perhaps in the future this will change.

IST - this is the name of Turkey's main airport in Istanbul. This airport is named after Mustafa Kemal Attatürk, it's called Istanbul Ataturk Airport. However, this is not the only airport near Istanbul.

SAW - this is the second air port of Istanbul. It is named in honor of Sabina Gokchen, the first military woman of the pilot of Turkey. When leaving for Istanbul, do not be surprised, your ticket can have both IST and SAW.

ESB - so officially is written the name of the airport of the capital of Turkey - the city of Ankara. It is named after the nearby village of Esenboa, hence the international designation.

ADB - named after former Turkish Prime Minister Adnan Menderes, the main airport of the Aegean coast, is located near the city of Izmir.

BJV is the international airport of Bodrum. Perhaps, the smallest airport, in which flights fly with tourists from Russia.

DLM is the third international air port of south-western Turkey. It is located near the resort of Dalaman. It was built relatively recently, and is considered the third largest in the whole country.

Brief designation of airlines that produce flights:

NWS - so briefly denotes one of the most popular airlines specializing in charter flights, Nord Wind.

ORB is another airline that likes to fly on charter flights, Orenburg Airlines, but do not think that the planes of this airline fly only from Orenburg, and do not be surprised if you fly this airline to Turkey from Moscow.

UN - this is the name for the flights of Transaero, one of Russia's largest airlines, in which fleet there are such aircraft as Boeing 747-400. He also flies on the Antalya-Moscow route, although the distance is clearly not for him, he is simply very roomy.

U6 - is designated by Ural Airlines, Ural Airlines. They also fly from Moscow, despite the name.

7K - the airline KOLAVIA, also very fond of charter flights. This company organizes flights from many cities of Russia.

SU - the main airline of our country, Aeroflot, most regular flights are performed by them.

TK is the main airline company of Turkey, Turkish Airlines, organizes direct flights to Turkish ports from Russian cities.

This page contains information about the time of flight to Turkey from the cities of Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Kazan, Rostov-on-Don, St. Petersburg, Arkhangelsk, Kaliningrad, Kemerovo, Krasnodar, Nizhny Novgorod, Novosibirsk, Omsk, Perm, Samara, Ufa, Belgorod, Volgograd, Voronezh, Krasnoyarsk, Magnitogorsk, Mineral Waters, Murmansk, Nizhnekamsk, Orenburg, Surgut, Syktyvkar, Tyumen, Chelyabinsk, Astrakhan, Barnaul, Bryansk, Irkutsk, Nizhnevartovsk, Novokuznetsk, Saratov, Tomsk, Ulyanovsk, Khabarovsk, Cheboksary, Chita .

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