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Turkish cuisine for tourists: 'kebab' - meat dish

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In the national cuisine of Turkey, there are not so many dishes that would be something unusual for us. We will try to talk about some of them.

Kebab is quite familiar to Russians, but we mean by this dish something quite definite. Our understanding of the kebab dish came from the Caucasus. At the word kebab we imagine small oblong pieces of minced meat fried on a spit, you can say a cutlet on a skewer.

What is called kebab in Turkey is difficult to say, it's hard to draw a line, what kind of meat they call a kebab, and which is not. There is a feeling that in Turkey kebab is called any meat, unless it is cooked whole piece or fried in a frying pan.

On the kebab, we turned our attention to explain what exactly is meant by this word, and the tourist who read this article was able to choose the right dish in a restaurant or cafe. Often this is not an easy task, we will give some recommendations on

The most popular in Turkey is doner kebab. Recently, people in Russia have been trying to ban "shawarma", many stalls with shawarma were renamed to Doner Kebab. We think, likewise, if we fight with chebureks, they will also be renamed bureks, also a Turkish dish, about which we have a separate article.

Doner-kebab, shaurma, shaverma - it's all the same. Meat string on a long skewer and twist next to the source of heat. The meat is toasted, and small chips are cut from it. This shavings is placed in pita bread with vegetables and garnish.

The photo shows a view of the kebab, where the shavings and vegetables are put in a loaf, a hybrid of burger and shawarma.

But there are differences in the Turkish dish. We use cabbage for garnishing, there are practically no other variants. In Turkey, rice is added to this dish, it turns out delicious. In our Shawarma (Shaverma), mayonnaise is actively used, which is unpopular in Turkey. Here, tomato sauce (ketchup) and other sauces are used. Turkish doner kebab has a more spicy taste. Also, in Turkey they like to use not lavash, to which we are accustomed, but pitu is a thin flat cake with a dense but soft crust. Turks generally like pita with stuffing, using everything for stuffing, if only it was edible. Doner-kebab is traditionally put in pita, as the pita is more popular in Turkey than pita bread.

The dish enjoys undoubted popularity among tourists, as they prepare this dish all over the world, and every tourist knows him.

The closest to our understanding of the kebab, is called Aiden (I can not guarantee that I correctly remembered and reproduced the name). It differs in size, if we prefer to make smaller pieces of minced meat and thread a few "cutlets" on the skewer, then in Turkey they string a large piece on the entire skewer, and it is made flattened for further convenience of eating. It is not customary to eat with skewers, as is often done here.

Before use, it is removed and served with cakes and vegetables. The taste is more spicy and, often, spicy, some Europeans do not like this dish. This kind of kebab is popular throughout Turkey.

Less common kebab, cooked in a special dish, when minced meat is in a sealed container and cooked, or rather, stewed in its own juice with the addition of garlic and other spices and vegetables. The taste of this dish depends strongly on the composition of the brew inside and can be anything.

Iskender-kebab (also not vouch for the correct pronunciation) is also sold often. One of the sellers even claimed that this dish was invented by Alexander the Great. But this, of course, is not true, we at love this historical character, but we do not believe in such tales. Pieces of meat for this dish are fried and mixed with tomato sauce, butter and several other ingredients. The dish turns a little fat, but quite bearable. This dish uses lamb.

And, of course, just meat, threaded on a spit, chunks, mixed with pieces of vegetables and whole tomatoes. Called in Turkey this dish, do not laugh, shish. As a matter of fact, it is a shish kebab, only more rigid and, usually, more sharp. If you still want to try the dishes that are familiar to you, we have a separate article about these dishes.

There are variants of kebab, which are simply roasted pieces of meat with sauce, an analog of goulash. Sometimes there is a feeling that any meat cooked in any way in Turkey is called a kebab.

Our advice, choose a restaurant with pictures, just do not miss what kind of kebab you are offered. On the other hand, in kebabs there is not much difference, if you do not pursue the goal of trying all kinds of kebabs, then a normal dinner or lunch is guaranteed to you, whatever kebab you choose. If you do not like the sharp, learn the phrase "bakharat devil". A bit crooked from the point of view of the Turks, but they will understand that the dish you need is required to make not sharp.

About other dishes of the national cuisine of Turkey, read in the articles of this cycle ( links below ).

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