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Food in the hotels of Turkey, familiar to us: description and photo

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In the national cuisine of Turkey, there are not so many dishes that would be something unusual for us. We will try to talk about some of them.

In this article we will talk about those dishes in Turkey, to which we are accustomed and know how they look and what they taste. In them, nevertheless, there are some differences, which we will discuss in this article.

The first dish that you will definitely recognize is pilaf. In Turkey it is called "pilav". Just like ours, its basis is rice. The word "pilav" also means in rice - rice, or rather this word means at once two concepts: both rice, and a dish, almost completely repeating the pilaf habitual to us.

Turkish pilaf is little different from ours. This is also rice, boiled with vegetables and meat.

Of meat in Turkey, mutton is used, and of the additional ingredients, garnet, raisins and other dried fruits are used.

Prepare that pilaf in Turkey can be a little sweet to taste.

The next dish, which is familiar to most Russians, will be dolma. Our dolma is considered a Caucasian or Uzbek dish. Both assumptions are correct, the dolma is common in many countries of Asia. But the Turks consider it a national dish. We do not want to say anything negative about the Turks, we try not to do so on, but they consider many dishes my invention.

For those who are not familiar with this dish, we will talk about it. Dolma - it's stuffing, mixed with rice, wrapped in grape leaves. The resulting design is brewed. Dolma is very similar to cabbage rolls, instead of cabbage grape leaves are used.

For many Europeans who are unfamiliar with this dish, it looks unattractive, primarily due to color.

Many Europeans do not understand how to eat it, trying to eat minced meat inside and counting the leaves unsuitable for eating. To eat them or not, your decision, we just notify that they are quite edible.

Dolma does not differ in variety, the size of the grape leaves imposes restrictions on the size of the pieces.

In Turkey, two kinds of this dish with different names are Dolma and Sarma. The difference of these dishes is in the filling. In the dolma the filling consists of minced meat with rice, in the sarma there is no meat at all. Be careful when ordering such a dish in a cafe or restaurant, do not mix it up. If you like meat, order dolma, surma will be a great discovery for vegetarians.

Dolma (with meat) is traditionally served on the table and is used hot. Sarma is considered a cold dish. In dolma and sarma in Turkey, fruit is often added, this is the difference between the dolma in Turkey. The desire to sweeten dishes is a traditional aspiration in the kitchen of the Ottoman Empire, from which this dish has come to modern Turkish cuisine. If you are not well versed in the history of Turkey, then read the article on this link.

In addition to grape leaves, zucchini, tomatoes, cabbage and even melon can be used as a wrapper. But such delights are more likely for restaurants, usually in Turkey they eat the usual dolma or sarma in the grape leaves.

The next dish in this list will be Turkish sausages, which are called sujuk. When you arrive at the hotel, you will find that in Turkey it is not a good sausage, when it is used it seems that during the production of this sausage, not a single animal was harmed. It's very humane, but not very tasty.

One gets the impression that in Turkey they do not know how to make sausages, but they really can, just hoteliers save on our "all-inclisive". We in emphasize that not all hotels in Turkey have such a bad situation with sausage, but this problem is familiar to many tourists.

By color, texture, composition and taste, they are almost completely identical to our cheese-smoked sausage.

The taste can be more acute than that of our sausages, there may be spices.

Use sausage in Turkey in the same way as we do. Do with it sandwiches, eat in its pure form, fry with eggs in the morning for breakfast or just fry in oil. Nothing new in the use of sausage Turks did not come up with.

Of course, make soujuk from beef and mutton, pork is not used in Turkey for religious reasons. For general information about Turkey, including religion, read our other article.

The last dish on the list will be manti. Mantas are well known to Russians, these are large dumplings stuffed with minced meat.

Mantas in Turkey are much smaller in size than Mantas in the Caucasus, they are closer in size to our dumplings. To taste, Turkish manti are slightly different from our dumplings with the presence of herbs in the filling and more acute taste.

In Turkey, there is an old tradition, before getting a blessing for marriage, the future mother-in-law comes to the daughter-in-law and the daughter-in-law should prepare mantas for her. Culinary qualities of the daughter-in-law are estimated according to the size of the mantles that the daughter-in-law was able to cook. The smaller the mantle, the more skilful hostess the daughter-in-law showed herself.

Manty in Turkey cook, served dry or in the soup from broth with onions.

Hopefully, this article will give those of tourists who do not like unusual dishes, choose in a Turkish restaurant or cafe exactly what they like.

About other dishes of the national cuisine of Turkey, read in the articles of this cycle ( links below ).

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