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Eastern sweets: lukum in Turkey - tips for tourists

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In the national cuisine of Turkey, there are not so many dishes that would be something unusual for us. We will try to talk about some of them.

Eastern sweets are one of the first that tourists from Turkey bring. A variety of eastern sweets Turkey owes to the court of the Sultans of the Ottoman Empire, most of the inventions in the sphere of sweet and delicious were made precisely in the Sultan's kitchen.

The second sweet, which we recommend to tourists, will be lukum.

This is the most national sweet in Turkey. Lukum was invented in Turkey. Its inventor was Bekir Effendi. He forced people from the Sultan's palace to go to his store for sweets. The Sultan gave him the title of "King of Sweets". For the accuracy of the latest information, it is difficult for us to vouch, as guides in Turkey tell about it, and we could not verify it.

Lukum differs simply by the astronomical variety of forms, colors and tastes. Such a variety, probably, is not found in any sweets in the world. Even halva does not have such a variety.

In form, the lukum is either cubes, or in the form of a roll. Of course, it can be given any shape during cooking. You can buy lukum and a large piece, and in the form of pieces cut from a long sausage, or in the form of a long piece of square or round section. We hope that we have not heavily loaded you with complex terms, it is very difficult to describe the variety of forms, there are very many of them, and at we always try to reflect the information for tourists as much as possible.

The most popular in Turkey in the shops for tourists is the roul turkey, it looks most spectacular. The layers of lucum in a roll alternate with layers of chocolate crumbs, coconut or nuts. Because of this, many roulette delicacies seem tastier.

We will not be at to argue which version of lukuma is more delicious. We will tell you how and from what this sweetness is made.

Prepared lemon is simple enough, honey and molasses are mixed, these are the basic sweet ingredients, flour and water are added, these are the binding elements. To this mixture, add flavoring and coloring agents to get orange orange onion, add orange juice to get red pomegranate onion, add pomegranate juice. If you want to get lukum with nuts, you need to add a lot of nuts. In a few days this mass freezes, it becomes firm, the lukum is ready.

Of course, the variant with honey is the most expensive, more often honey is replaced with regular sugar. Sugar lukum is white. In roulette delicacies, almost always the basis is the simplest sugar delicacy. Exactly the same situation with the use of honey and sugar in another eastern sweetness - halva, which is devoted to a separate article. .

This is a classic recipe, now lukum produced in an industrial way, and it seems there are fewer natural ingredients.

A variety of flavors of lukuma is achieved precisely by "additives", because in the mixture you can add any juice, give any color and taste.

Lukum is sold in the resort areas "at every step." In every store there are packages that many tourists prefer to purchase, being afraid of loose lakuma. Of course, the weighted lokum looks much more impressive. Loose weed is usually fresh and very soft.

We are very popular name "rahat-lukum." We tried to understand the difference between the names of rahat-lukum and simply lukum, but heard several different versions from our Turkish colleagues. As a result, this difference remains a mystery to us.

About other dishes of the national cuisine of Turkey, read in the articles of this cycle ( links below ).

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