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What can I bring to Turkey and how much

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The rules and norms for the importation of goods into the territory of Turkey are defined by the document "Turkish Customs Code" (the "Turkish Customs Code"), the last edition of which was issued on October 27, 1999. This is a relatively small document 115 pages in size, where you can find all the rules of passing customs by tourists. But if you do not want to read it, then read this article to the very end, where we noted the most important.

What to import is prohibited

The first rule concerns antiques, their importation into Turkey is strictly forbidden, as well as exporting them from the country.

How do Turkish customs officers define antiques? Very simply - "by eye". If you have an antique wristwatch left from your grandfather, or you wear a family cigarette case, then leave it all at home.

It is forbidden to import meat and dairy products. If you took a bite to a plane: a burger from McDonald's, glazed cheese or a piece of chicken from KFC, then eat on the plane, the border guards will have to take away (if found).

It is forbidden to import radioactive substances, drugs, military ammunition and weapons. However, hunting weapons can be imported, for this purpose there are special procedures about which later.

Difficult situation with medical preparations. Their importation is prohibited, except for those intended for personal use. Our advice: if you are shown any drug, take a medical certificate with you.

What can I import duty-free

The list is long:

- Up to 5 perfume bottles, each volume not exceeding 120 milliliters;

- Gifts worth up to 300 euros if the tourist is over 15 years old;

- Gifts totaling up to 145 euros if the tourist is 15 years or younger;

- Personal electronics devices. Their number is unlimited, but only 1 of each kind. For example, 1 cell phone, 1 tablet computer, 1 laptop. If you have two phones, customs officers may have questions;

- Musical instruments. They can be imported no more than three and all must be different. If you carry two harmonics, customs can not miss;

- Personal sports equipment;

- Bicycles, baby carriages, toys;

- Up to 1.5 kg of coffee (not important, cereal, ground or soluble);

- Up to 500 grams of tea;

- Up to 1 kilogram of chocolate or sweets;

The rest that does not fit into these categories or exceeds the limits, you need to declare.

Cigarettes and other tobacco products

Prices for cigarettes in Turkey are among the highest in the world, and for many tourists the issue of importing tobacco into this country is acute. It is important to remember that the import of tobacco products is allowed only to persons who have reached the age of 18.

Each adult tourist can bring: 200 cigarettes and 5 cigarillos, the weight of the cigarillos is not more than 3 grams. Or 50 cigars, about the weight of a cigar in the rules does not say anything. Or 200 grams of pipe tobacco and 200 pieces of cigarette paper, the rules are silent about cigarette filters. Or 50 grams of chewing tobacco. Or 200 grams of tobacco for hookah. Or 200 grams of snuff.

On electronic cigarettes and devices for wiping the rules do not say anything.

If this number is not enough, then there are several ways to import more. First, you can take an extra block and ask a non-smoking adult neighbor to take it, so do the most resourceful tourists.

Secondly, in addition to the above-mentioned amount, every guest of Turkey has the right to buy in local Duty-Free (at the Turkish airport) and freely import: up to 400 cigarettes or up to 100 cigars or 500 grams of pipe tobacco. This feature of the legislation of Turkey is very well known in local Duty-Free, the shelves of these stores are simply filled up with cigarettes, you can see in the photo above.


Alcoholic beverages in Turkey are expensive and of very poor quality, poisoning among tourists occurs constantly. Quality and familiar alcohol is better to carry with you.

Each tourist of 18 years of age can bring: 1 bottle of 1 liter or 2 bottles up to 0.7 liters. In this case, the type and strength of the drink in the rules are not specified. It does not matter what you carry - beer, wine, vodka or absinthe.

Not only in Turkey, the rules do not make distinctions in the strength of alcohol, in many countries customs rules have this feature. That's why in Duty-Free they are betting on the variety of tare (pictured left).

Import of money and terms of declaration

If you import money in the amount of $ 5,000 or equivalent in other currencies, then money must be declared.


You can bring cats or dogs, but under certain conditions. A "Certificate of Origin" is required, as well as a "Health Certificate", received no more than 15 days prior to arrival in Turkey.

Hunting weapons

To import it you need the "Permit for importation", which must be obtained in advance in the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of Turkey (Ministry of Environment and Forestry).


Theoretically, it is possible to import any item into Turkey, if it is not in the "black list", about which we spoke at the beginning of the article. The imported item must be cleared for customs, for which it is necessary to pay customs duties and VAT. The fee varies from 0 to 150% of the price of the item, and VAT in Turkey is 18%, as in Russia.

Successful communication with Turkish customs, and read our useful articles about Turkey ( links below ).

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