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What money is in Turkey: the currency is 'Turkish lira'

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Before traveling to Turkey, it is useful to get acquainted with the information about the country. This series of articles will help you avoid unpleasant surprises and enjoy your holiday.

In Turkey there are no bans on trade for dollars and euros, and it is much more convenient not to communicate with Turkish money at all. Euros and dollars are accepted willingly in any store, cafe and restaurant in all resort areas of Turkey. Quite possibly you will never see a Turkish lyre.

The Turkish lyre replaced the Ottoman lyre in the Turkish Republic in the 1920s. The Turkish government rigidly tied its currency to the British pound, then to the French franc, then to the US dollar. Beginning in the 1970s, a tight binding was released, and the currency began to fall, which was smooth but constant.

Those of the tourists who visited Turkey before 2005, probably remember the banknotes with six, seven and eight zeros. The phenomenon was extremely interesting, at that time 1 US dollar could cost 1,500,000 Turkish liras. In Turkey, all were millionaires, and many billionaires.

By 2005, 6 zeros were removed from the denominations of denominations, this operation is called a denomination. During 2005, two liras "went" in Turkey in parallel, the old one with an additional six zeros and a new one, without these zeros. The old lira was designated as TRL, the new lyre is denoted TRY. Now it does not really matter anymore, because in Turkey there is only a new lyre, which was called "the second", and it is indicated in shops, cafes and restaurants as TL. TRY is the banking name of the currency. Still, there are a lot of interesting things in Turkey , read our article about it.

We list all the images and symbols, as the Turkish currency can be designated, in articles on the site this has already become a tradition:

TL is the usual designation of the Turkish lira, any that is new, that is old. Used on price tags in stores, in the cafe and restaurant menu.

YTL - the usual designation of the new Turkish lira, came from the expression Yeni Turk Lirasi.

TRL is the banking name of the old lira.

TRY - the bank name of the new lyre.

Left on the photo is the official image of the Turkish lira. It is often used in exchange offices.

At the time of writing this article, 1 TRY (Turkish lira) costs 17 rubles. Roughly we can assume that 1 USD = 2 TRY.

Current course:

Exchange rates for: January 24, 2013

1 Turkish Lira = 15.074 Russian Rubles
1 Turkish Lira = 0.267 US dollars
1 Turkish Lira = 0.216 euros

1 Russian ruble = 0.066 Turkish lira
1 American dollar = 3.739 Turkish lira
1 euro = 4.629 Turkish lira

The Turkish lira has a steadily falling course. This is the reason why traders are more willing to trade for dollars and euros. Do not think that this is done for the convenience of tourists, not at all. The Turkish lira loses 15-20% a year in its price, it is inconvenient to make transactions in this currency, it is very often necessary to recalculate prices. To keep money in lira is not the most reasonable decision even for Turkish citizens. One gets the impression that the Turkish government is happy with this state of affairs, judging by the Turks themselves, the authorities are struggling with the weakening of the lyre constantly, but they can not win. There is a feeling that in Turkey simply does not turn off the printing press, maybe just the "on / off" button broke, unplug from the outlet did not guess.

That's what the people of Turkey like the euro and dollars more than their native lira. It is a pity that they still did not like the Russian ruble, it would be easier for us, we would not have to take dollars with us on a trip.

1 lira is divided into 100 kurushov (kurush), analogues of our kopeck.

Now let's talk about the physical embodiment of money in Turkey, coins and banknotes.

There is one feature in coins. Coins issued in 2005, which were issued immediately after the denomination (removal of zeros) are called Yeni Turk Lirasi or Yeni Kurus, which means "new Turkish lira" and "new curus".

Coins issued in 2009 are already called simply Turk Lira and Kurus. The word Yeni was removed from the coins. Now you can find both types of coins in circulation.

The nominal value of the coins is the same as the means of payment, they are equivalent. Coins with the inscription Yeni out of circulation, if you meet such, you can leave for the collection.

1 Turkish lira, this is the maximum denomination of a coin. In Turkey, coins are not as fond as in other eastern, especially Arab countries. Coins of lesser denomination are 1,5,10,25 and 50 kurushas. The Turkish coins look somewhat boring, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk is depicted on all. Maybe they love him so much, or maybe just did not have enough imagination. Of course, we do not claim that Turkish coins are the most boring, just in our materials on you can find more "interesting" money.

Banknotes are more interesting, they depict famous figures of Turkey. Nominal banknotes: 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 Turkish liras. Unlike the coins, banknotes in Turkey have been replaced completely. At the present moment, banknotes with the inscription Yeni (new) have already been withdrawn from circulation. Be careful, you can slip a bill.

If you get it in your hands, you can exchange it only in the bank. Such a banknote can be valuable as a collection. About what else you can bring from Turkey, read our article.

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I have 250000 thousand bills of Turkish lira what to do if it went out of circulation ??

how to exchange a Turkish hood 10000 1996
Alexander - GlavRed site

1 New Turkish Lira = 1,000,000 Old Turkish lira. Rounding roughly, you have in your hands a sum equivalent to 20 kopecks. I recommend leaving the banknote as a souvenir.

I have 250,000 Turkish lira where it can be exchanged ???
Alexander - GlavRed site

Once again I answer this question. Your 250,000 old lira is equal to 0.25 new. Accordingly, this is approximately 5 Russian rubles. Your bill is much more expensive as a collection item. Change its meaning there.

I have 1 million Türkic liras, can they be exchanged at a given time?
Alexander - GlavRed site

1 million old lira is 1 new lira. At the rate for today is 22 Russian rubles.

Even if they can be exchanged somewhere, a trip there by bus or metro will cost more.


Good evening ..Please tell me how valuable the Turkish coin is. 2000. 75 years of the republic
Alexander - GlavRed site

Such coins on the E-Bay sell for 1-3 dollars.

I have a coin of 5000 lir 1992, does it represent any value?

Answer the last question
Alexander - GlavRed site

Already answered many times, read the comments.

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