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Excursion to the sunken city of Kekova (Demre) in Turkey

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The city of Kekova is the modern name of the city in Turkey. Near the city are the ruins of the Lycian and Roman eras. The peculiarity of this place is that the ruins are almost completely flooded. On the surface are only some Lycian tombs and the remains of houses that stood on a hill.

The city of Kekova is very close to the city of the World, and excursions are usually arranged at once to both places, which is very convenient.

During the excursion you will be hired on a pleasure boat, show the ruins of the fortress and the city, they will dive into the sea. But first things first.

The ships for tourists look very good, we did not notice the rust, everything is clean and cleaned.

For some tourists, let's say that there is a bar on the ship, there are certainly not small prices, but it is there. We do not vouch for all the ships, but on our ship it was.

The first historical landmark that you will see during the tour will be the fortress of the Knights of the Maltese Order.

This fortress belonged at different times to the Byzantines, the Arab Caliphate, the Ottoman Empire, the Italians.

The fortress is in the village of Calais, which you can only access by sea.

In the village the tour does not stop, you will not be able to see the city and the fortress closer. It's a pity.

It is difficult to review the city tour of Kekova, most of the ruins are under water, to understand at least approximately what is down there can only be "in dynamics." None of the "decent" photos did not work. Will have this review on the site be a bit incomplete.

We will talk about what is above the surface, sorry, but not so much. Some houses of the Roman city, and all the ruins belong precisely to the Roman period, were on a hill. The remains of one of the houses in the photo below.

Guides say that it is the remains of Roman baths, but now to understand what it was exactly, baths or just at home, it is quite difficult.

Semi-submerged sarcophagus is perhaps the most popular place. Unsurprisingly, of all the objects that can be seen above the water, this is the most impressive.

On our excursion, we just floated by, the guide said that excursions do not stop here, but there are many photos of people on the Internet right near the sarcophagus. Excursion excursion is different.

After inspecting the ruins, the ship stops at a distance from them and gives about 30 minutes for tourists to dive into the sea and swim. If you intend to do this, then take your bathing clothes with you. Many tourists spend this time to sunbathe and take a photo for memory.

Let's pay attention, that it will not be possible to dive to ruins. Diving to ruins is prohibited by law.

Despite the fact that the excursion from the historical point of view has not so much valuable and interesting, its "highlight" is the walk on the ship. We can say that an excursion to the city of Kekova, it's "three in one", and look at the ruins, and on a boat ride and dive into the sea. From an economic point of view, the excursion can be considered beneficial. From this point of view, it looks like an excursion to Pamukkale, about which we have a separate review.

On an excursion to the city of Kekova, we recommend taking: first, water, as there will be no free or cheap water or drinks on the way, during the lunch the drinks are paid; secondly, headgear, you will have to spend almost all the time on the deck of the ship; Bathing suits, if you want to dive into the sea or sunbathe on the deck.

Smile the PHOTO gallery with an excursion to the city of Kekova.

Now let's talk about the ambiguous situation with excursions to the cities of Mira and Kekova. Tourists find it difficult to understand the variety of excursions offered by tour operators. Most excursions do not contain all the sights of the area, but I want to visit everything. On the pages of we give a full list so that you can make sure before you start the tour that you will see there all the most interesting things:

1. The Lycian tombs and the amphitheater of the city of Mira are in one place.

2. Church of St. Nicholas.

3. Walk on a ship to the city of Kekova.

Want to visit everything, make sure that your tour contains all the elements.

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