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Tahtali mountain in Turkey - excursion to the height in Kemer

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Excursion to the mountain Tahtali can be called one of the most unusual and interesting. On the mountain there are no historical relics, but there is a stunning landscape. You will climb the mountain by cable car, in the booth, which is also very interesting entertainment. But first things first.

Tahtali Mountain is located near the town of Kemer, it is the highest mountain in the mountain range in southern Turkey.

It can be seen in good weather from many resorts, from Kemer, from Antalya and even, they say, but we did not check, from Belek. If you have a bad idea of ​​the location of these resorts, read our review of the resorts of Turkey .

In 2007, a cable car was built on the mountain, and it became one of the places of excursions for tourists. Prior to this, the mountain top was accessible only to climbers.

There is no snow and ice on top in the summer, it may seem that the top is snow-covered, but it's just an optical effect.

The height of the mountain is almost 2.5 kilometers, of course, compared to Everest, Takhtala Mountain is a toddler, but by local standards it is "the first guy in the village".

Mount Tahtala to a level of about 1800 meters is covered with trees, which is not typical for the mountains. In Turkey, a unique nature, many forms of flora, including trees, manage to grow, literally on stones. Many tourists in Turkey do not even notice, we on the pages of want to draw your attention to this. The nature of Turkey is largely unique.

The lower station of the ropeway is already quite high above sea level, about 700 meters, it already has a good view from here. It is here that you bring a tourist bus. If your arrival occurred at a pre-calculated time, then you will immediately get into the cab of the funicular and go to the top. If the schedule is broken, it will take some time to wait.

Funicular is a spacious cabin and inside it is very similar to our usual public transport. The only difference is that almost all surfaces of the funicular cab are transparent.

Inside the funicular was not very free, although there was no crush like in the Moscow metro during rush hour. Many tourists start to take photos from the funicular right from the beginning of the trip, forming a "Brownian movement" inside.

We ask all readers not to do so, you will have time to photograph the landscape from the top, there is a better view.

After 15 minutes you will be at the top, a flat area prepared for tourists.

The main thing here is, of course, a sight that captures the spirit. The photo below shows a view of the city of Kemer and the Mediterranean Sea. This is to be seen, even the best photo with high resolution will not give all the splendor of the view to the mountains and the sea.

Now about the worst in the excursion. At the time of her visit, you will play the lottery. There will be clouds and fog, you will not have all these stunning views, there will be a clear sky, there will be all the beauty.

Your chances in the lottery can be increased. Just look at the mountain, and if there are no clouds, book the excursion "for tomorrow".

At the top of you waiting for a little discharged air, it's not difficult to breathe, all the same the height is not so big. The temperature at the top is about 10-15 degrees, although we appreciated this subjectively. Tourists who come here in shorts or ladies in short skirts begin to realize that they have done something wrong. And here for such not far-sighted tourists here there is a restaurant, where the temperature is higher and the prices are sky-high. And what surprises you? You are behind the clouds, so the prices are sky-high. Less than 5 dollars is worthless.

The second way to warm up is to go to the souvenir shop, and pretend that you are very carefully choosing a souvenir. About what to watch, read our article about what you can bring from Turkey.

But better dress warmly. Then you can spend an hour on the mountain Tahtali, contemplating landscapes and photographing.

Photograph tourists at the top like, we can say that there is nothing more to do here.

Already after half an hour of contemplation and photographing, some are bored by some, and many simply walk around the site at the top, back and forth, waiting for the moment when it will be possible to come down.

In any case, for lack of time on top no one complained. There was enough time for everyone.

Tourists constantly run around the Turks and offer something to photograph. The principled value of their photographs was not explained to them, and we did not believe in their fantastic abilities of photographers. As a result, the representatives of Turkey were rejected "as superfluous" and for poor knowledge of Russian and English. It is a pity that no one in speaks Turkish.

If you are going to a mountain, then it is necessary to, first, dress warmly, better pants or jeans for men, and jeans or a long skirt for women. Secondly, take the water, do not feed the owners of the restaurant with sky-high prices. The third, very important, moment. Wear a hat, because you will be at the altitude, there you can easily burn in the sun. Of course, you'll be there for an hour or a little longer, but it's still better not to take chances.

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