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Aquapark Troy in Belek in Turkey: photo and description

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In Turkey there are many water parks. But the Aqua Park "Troy" is the most colorful of them, it is stylized under the ancient Troy. He is also famous for his hill, which raises the visitor up, called "Master Bumbuster". We will talk about everything in order.

Aquapark Troy is located in the town of Belek, near the city of Antalya. Belek is considered an expensive resort, if you want, you can buy a tour to the hotel, located near the water park, and walk there every day. But this is only if you are a big fan of water parks. Most visitors to a trip to the water park Troy "enough for the eyes." Probably, you should not choose a hotel, only on the basis of their proximity to the water park, we do not recommend doing so on the, there are more significant factors.

As the name implies, the water park is styled under the ancient Troy, the city, the Greek war with which the poet Homer described in the work of the Iliad.

The center of the park is a giant Trojan horse that functions as an ascent to the central slides of the water park. Upstairs we counted the entrance to five slides, three of which are open, two closed.

Closed hills are completely closed pipes, on which you are on an inflatable circle, rush down. This is a special pleasure, during the descent you can not see anything, inside the chimney is dark. These roller coaster "on the fan", which is confirmed by the lack of queues to them.

An adult is not very comfortable inside, you are afraid all the time, no matter how you hit the pipe wall with your foot.

Recall what kind of horse. According to legend, the Greeks besieged Troy for twelve years and could not take the city. The Greeks built a giant wooden horse, hid inside their best warriors and presented the horse with Trojans as a sign of worshiping the gods. The Trojans accepted the gift, brought the horse to the city, and at night the Greek soldiers got out, killed the guards and opened the gates of the Greek army. Thus fell Troy. The expression "throw a Trojan horse" appeared precisely from this legend. Computer viruses called "Trojans" also got their name from the Trojan horse. Wing latinism, "be afraid of the Danaites, gifts bringing" ("Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes"), too, from here, the ancient Greeks called the Danians.

Styling the park does not end only with the Trojan horse in the center.

Throughout the water park are scattered copies of helmets, shields and weapons of antiquity. With this inventory you can and should be photographed. Wear helmets on your heads, take shields and spears and arrange a battle between Hector and Achilles, no one will stop you, take pictures in pleasure. The main thing, do not fight for real, in this case, the guard can expel you from the water park.

The most popular is the model of the chariot, even a line is arranged for photographing in the chariot.

The stylization is completed by copies of antique vases arranged around the aquapark, some of which are taller than the height of a man. Of course this is a copy, if you want to see real antique ceramics, then you should visit museums, which we told a lot about in our review of resorts in Turkey.

Despite all the local elements of the style, we remember that we came to the water park, so we will go on to describe the water activities that are in the water park of Troy.

In the photo on the right, there is the famous water slide "Master Bumpster". A feature of this hill is that you do not go down it, but climb up. The technology is simple, there are pipe outlets at the bottom of the gutters, and water is pumped to the compressors to these outputs. As a result, water "hits" into your inflatable circle, pushing you up the gutter.

There are only two slides in the world, one is in the water park of Troy, the other in one of the water parks of the UAE.

The queue for this hill is huge, if you want to visit this hill, then we recommend to go there immediately upon arrival, while the queue is not so big. In the middle of the day in the peak of the holiday season, you can lose up to 30 minutes, just idle in line.

To tell you the truth, visiting this famous hill needs more "for a tick", no surprises tourists on it do not feel. At least, none of the Russian tourists we interviewed second time to ride on it did not want to. On the pages of we do not want to impose our opinion, we asked the opinion of Russians directly to the water park.

Very important information for tourists who want to ride a roller coaster together. Double circles in the water park of Troy "in short supply," as soon as you arrive immediately try to take this circle, while in the water park there are not so many people, otherwise everyone will be dismantled and it will be impossible to find such a circle. At the peak of the holiday season, there are problems with conventional inflatable circles, sometimes they are not enough. Our advice is to immediately take the inflatable circle, as you will see.

The slides in the water park of Troy are long and winding. Ride them on the inflatable circle, at the top are the employees of the water park, which stop all attempts of visitors to ride without a circle.

They are vigilant, but not always agile, some tourists still managed to penetrate the hill and ride without a circle. You probably guessed from what country they were.

Throughout the perimeter of the park there flows an artificial river, so visitors who are tired of hills will have a pleasant ride on the river. Along the river there are several waterfalls, under which travelers will have to swim. Fans recommend a calm water recreation.

There are some unusual slides in the park.

The first hill, 15 meters high, is called "kamikaze". Unfortunately, the photo on the right does not convey either its height or fear, which one can experience when descending from it. Here, not one photo will not help, you need to ride it.

Sensations are extreme. At the top of the hill, employees of the water park in all possible languages ​​try to explain to visitors that on the hill it is necessary to lie down and in no case to rise.

Those wishing to ride will give one important advice. In whatever swimming trunks you do not climb this hill, after the descent you will find yourself in the "thongs". We recommend correcting your apparel before you stand on your feet, so as not to cause laughter of others.

What really does not suffice this hill, so it's an elevator, every time running at 15-meter height is not the most interesting occupation.

In the water park there is a cafe, lunch is included in the price of the tour, of course, if your travel agent does not save much on you. Usually you can eat one dish and drink one drink for free.

For a fee, you can still have a drink and eat, but the price of 3 USD for a glass of soda and 10 USD for a hamburger is not the biggest size disappointing. We saw higher prices only on Takhtala mountain, which we talked about in our other review.

The next interesting hill is not high, but very cheerful. On it you need to move down on special mattresses face down. When you roll down on such a mattress, the water drips heavily into your face, the pleasures of the sea, especially for children.

This hill has a feature, as soon as you reach the bottom of the gutter, you need to brake with your mattress, otherwise there is a real opportunity to reach the end and hit your head. Several tourists before our eyes got into this unpleasant situation, however, they struck purely symbolically, they did not spoil it.

On the right of this hill there is a closed version, it is even more fun, although there are almost no people willing to go there.

Smile the PHOTO gallery from the water park of Troy.

In the territory of the Troy water park there is a souvenir shop where you can order a plate or a cup with your image. There are also paid attractions, for example, to ride on waves on surf. There is a pool with waves, which for some reason attracts the Germans, to answer the question of why it is the Germans, we are at a loss.

During the excursion to the water park of Troy we are waiting for you a few very pleasant surprises, which you can read about in the second part of our review.

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