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Dolphinarium and aquarium in the Troy water park in Belek in Turkey

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In addition to descent on the slides, in the water park of Troy absolutely free of charge you can visit the mini-aquarium. In the water park there is a dolphinarium, the show of which can also be visited. But first things first.

The oceanarium is not very large, it has several pools with simple tropical fish, but its main spectacle is sharks and rays.

If you dream of seeing a big white shark or someone, at least a bit resembling it in size, then you are only waiting for disappointment. Sharks are small and not predatory.

But we will also report good news, they can be touched, although officially it is forbidden. You and the sharks will not be separated by a glass or a grid, visitors stand and look at the fish right next to the aquarium. The height of the wall of the aquarium is just over a meter.

In the walls of the aquarium there are glass windows, you can look at the fish through them.

The main thing is not to fall into the pool, you can swim in the salt water on the beach of your hotel, you do not need to go anywhere, or during an excursion to the city of Kekova, which our other review tells.

The only drawback can be called just a little dirty water in aquariums, because of which the fish are not always clearly visible, aquariums are clearly not cleaned as often as we would like. For this administration of the zoo "troika". Three points because all the same is not so bad, but not good, we will try to be objective on

Would you like to kiss a shark? Please, in the water park of Troy it is possible.

We do not know why, but sharks and rays are constantly trying to stick their heads out of the water.

Do not be afraid, do not bite, it's not a predatory shark. You ask, how can a shark be not predatory? It may very well be that sharks are a very large family of fish, and not all are predatory, there are those that feed on underwater vegetation and plankton. By the way, the largest shark, called the "whale shark", feeds on plankton.

I hope you did not think that you would be allowed to touch a carnivorous shark that could hurt you? Believe me, the water park does not need legal claims.

Many Russian tourists have suggested that sharks are ripped out of teeth. We immediately dispel these not entirely reasonable assumptions. In predatory sharks, teeth grow constantly, if a man's teeth grow two times, the elephant has seven times, then the predatory sharks change their whole lives, and they would have to tear their teeth every week.

Skates are also not predatory, and not electric. Do not be afraid, they will not hit or bite the current.

Even if it were predatory skates, first, they eat crustaceans, tourists do not enter their diet. Secondly, the eyes near the stingray are on the upper plane of the body, and the mouth on the bottom, to bite something from above, they are not adapted.

Eclectic rays in their family are in the minority, not every sting has natural organs to create an electrical discharge.

These definitely do not have, as we already pointed out before, the water park does not need legal claims.

I hope we have convinced you that it is safe and very interesting to visit an aquarium with sharks and rays.

After visiting the mini-aquarium, you can visit the dolphinarium.

At the time of our visit to the dolphinarium, the program consisted of performances of white whales, walrus and dolphins.

In the show there is not something extraordinary, it is simply delivered and performed very qualitatively. All animals perform tricks "on the five". As you noticed, this trainer, and the rest of the trainers, also, the face is clearly not Turkish. After listening, we learned the Russian language. Trainers of dolphins in the water park of Troy are our people.

Children are allowed to communicate with dolphins and white whales, but not for long, since there are many who wish, a queue is being built.

You can order a separate service and swim with dolphins, how much it costs, we will not say, were not interested.

Another interesting idea is that during the presentation walrus draws a picture, which at the end of the presentation can be bought. The organizers are trying to organize the sale in the form of an auction, which took place before our eyes. But, walrus was not very popular artist, the picture, consisting mainly of colorful lines, went for 40 US dollars.

The dolphinarium also has a small cafeteria, prices are the same as in the main water park. There are no other sources of water in the territory and you can not leave the water park without losing a ticket. We, for example, could not stand it, and we had to buy a can of cola in this cafeteria for $ 4.

Our advice, take water from the hotel, if you want to save, in our visit, no one to bring water to the territory of the water park did not prohibit. Of course, we do not campaign against Turkish traders in our materials on, but we are displeased at high prices.

Smile the PHOTO gallery from the dolphinarium and the aquarium of the Troy aquarium.

At the entrance to the dolphinarium, you will take the caps from all the bottles that you have with you. This is done so that the lid does not accidentally enter the water and is not swallowed by the animal. For an animal, this can have fatal consequences. At the end of the show you can ask for the lid back, but most likely it will not be from your bottle.

The arena of the dolphinarium, if it can be called so, is executed very competently, the spectators are sitting at such a distance that, on the one hand, everything is perfectly visible, and, on the other hand, the spray hardly reaches. The word "almost" is addressed to the owners of expensive photographic equipment, be vigilant, and if you are afraid for your photos and video cameras, sit on the 6th row or farther, the water does not exactly go there.

Arenas, as if pursuing a tourist in Turkey, and on an excursion to Pamukkale there is an amphitheater, and on an excursion to the city ​​of the World , and even in the city ​​of Kekova there are the ruins of a small amphitheater.

We wish you a successful visit to the Troy water park, we hope that the advice we gave in this article will be useful to you. During our visit to this water park, neither on the way there nor on the way back, nobody brought us to different enterprises and did not "vparivat" carpets, clothes or something else. You want the same.

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