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Taxis in Turkey - it is very convenient for tourists, but very expensive, prices are 1.5-2 times higher than Moscow. This is not surprising with the cost of gasoline in Turkey about $ 1.5 per liter. We will understand the prices and tariffs, and also touch on the "burning" topic of cheating tourists by Turkish taxi drivers.

Official taxis and informal

All official taxis in Turkey are yellow. But according to statistics, there is one unofficial taxi for every official taxi car. And the "left" taxi can also be yellow. Often a tourist to distinguish them is difficult.

To use or not an unofficial taxi? This is a complicated question. If you read foreign websites, there is absolutely no recommendation for this, as there is much more chance of being deceived. The official taxi is tied to the taxi terminal, at least there is someone to complain about in case of problems.

Method of calculating the cost of travel

By law, the counter must be in every taxi, its use is mandatory for taxi drivers. In fact, many taxi drivers are trying to set a fixed price for the trip and bargain. This is especially common in the resort areas.

More often than not, vacationers do not know the distance to the destination, do not imagine the cost of a trip to the meter and pay a fixed fee for more. It is strongly recommended not to bargain, but to show the tourist a finger on the counter or say the word "taximeter". Pay attention that this word in Turkish is pronounced in the letter "and", and not as we have the "taximeter".

An exception

In the case of intercity trips, the price can be fixed, and in fact it is almost always the case. Here, the cost will depend on the ability of the trader to bargain.

The cost of trips from airports is also fixed. But there is no point in bargaining, taxi drivers work at predetermined tariffs and do not bend at a price.

In Turkey it is often more advantageous to book an individual transfer from the airport beforehand than to use a taxi. The custom car will be cleaner, safer and more pleasant, and the price will probably be lower.

Price list

The cost of the trip consists of the price for landing in a taxi and the price of each kilometer of the way. Prices vary depending on the city. Landing costs from 3 to 3.5 Turkish liras . One kilometer costs from 2 to 3 Turkish liras.

The price of landing in a taxi: Antalya - 3 lira, Ankara - 3.1 lira, Istanbul - 3.2 lira, Izmir - 3 lira.

The price of a kilometer of the way: Antalya - 2,6 lira, Ankara - 2,7 lira, Istanbul - 2 lira, Izmir - 2,45 lira.

Price 1 hour of waiting: Antalya - 45 lira, Ankara - 25 lira, Istanbul - 21 lira, Izmir - 18 liras.


Tariffs in Turkey are two: Gyunduz (day) and Gets (night). On the counters, they are designated as "1" (day) and "2" (night). Carefully follow the counter, as Turkish taxi drivers have seen attempts to carry tourists during the day, but at night rates.

The night rate is 50% more expensive than the day rate. However, not in all cities this is so. For example, in Istanbul there is no difference in the cost of a trip at night and in the afternoon. At all resorts of Turkey in the Mediterranean Sea, a difference of 50% is present.

Tips for tourists

- Taxi cars in Turkey are not very high quality. Some have air conditioning, but often no. In many taxis, seat belts do not work. If the car did not like, just sit in the other.

- In Turkey it is not customary to give a tip to taxi drivers. Here it is decided to round off, for example, on the counter the trip went to 15.6 liras, you pay 16 liras. Although many taxi drivers look at tourists with hope - what if they add more?

- As in many Islamic countries, it is not customary for women in Turkey to be in the front seat next to the driver.

- On foreign tourist sites give such advice: always write down a taxi number or take pictures on a mobile phone. In case of deception, show the police number.

- Free taxis in Turkey prefer not to travel in search of passengers, but to stand still. Of course! At such a price of gasoline! If you want to call a taxi, do not stand by the carriageway with your arm extended with your thumb up. It is better to find the nearest parking lot or a special taxi call button.

Deceptions and frauds

Turkish taxi drivers are leading in the number of complaints from tourists about deceptions. There are a lot of methods, we will tell about the most common ones.

- Using a counter, taxi drivers like to travel a long way or just make a couple of laps around the area. The medicine for this problem is - take your GPS-navigator with you and show the driver that you know the way.

- Taxi drivers lie about special tariffs: holiday, Friday, weekend. Do not believe it, only two tariffs - day and night.

- Taxi drivers lie, that it is necessary to pay extra for several passengers in the cabin or for carrying luggage. Do not believe there are no such surcharges in Turkey in the taxi and never was.

- Do not reset the counter from the previous trip - a common deception that Turkish taxi drivers are not alien.

- Substitution of notes here is very common. This is when you give the taxi driver a bill of 50 lira, and he imperceptibly changes it to 5 lira, demanding another 10 liras from you. We strongly recommend that you store small bills and only pay them in a taxi.

- Cheating "no change" is very popular. For example, the trip cost 24 lira, you give the taxi driver 30 lira, and he says that he has no change. He hopes that you will give him the 6 lire of change.

We wish not to fall for deceptions, and for this read our other useful articles about Turkey ( links below ).

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