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Weather in Turkey by month: water and air temperature

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In Turkey, two large groups of resorts, the weather in these resorts is different. The first group of resorts is located on the Mediterranean Sea, the main city of this group is Antalya. The second group, led by the city of Izmir, is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea.

We will start with Mediterranean resorts . The beach season in Antalya, Belek, Alanya and Kemer begins in June and ends in October. Already in early October, hotels are starting to empty, but this time has its undeniable advantages.

In October, the sea is still warm, the air temperature is no longer exhausting, but warm, and the beaches of the hotels are already free, there are no problems with sun loungers or crowds of tourists. Souvenirs in October are ready to give for almost any price, a paradise for lovers to bargain.

In October, the delicious Turkish pomegranates ripen, and pomegranate juice, sweet and freshly squeezed, can be bought for only one dollar, or even cheaper. With him, pomegranate juice in cans can never be compared, which can be bought in our stores.

Contrary to the views of many Russians, the weather in Turkey is not so hot throughout the year. For example, in the photo above you see bananas that grow in Turkey, but, unfortunately, they do not ripen there, not such a hot country. These bananas are simply decorative. Also in Antalya you can often see palm trees, which usually do not grow here either, they are imported, and for the winter the Turks have to insulate them.

Let's start with the water temperature in the Mediterranean resorts.

In winter, the water in the Mediterranean Sea is too cold, and it begins to warm up only in May. Only at the beginning of June the water reaches a temperature suitable for swimming, 23-24 degrees. Even the beginning of June is considered a little risky for trips, with the temperature of the water may not be lucky. The water is cooling already at the end of October, the season of beach rest is over.

The following graph shows the average temperature (red) and the usual maximum temperature during the day (blue). As you can see, May is a fairly warm month, and it would be a full month of the holiday season, if not for cold water.

Already in November it becomes cool, and the sea is warmer than the air.

From the point of view of beach rest, the time from November to May is not suitable, but from the point of view of excursion rest this time is very good. The heat will not pester you and the number of tourists near the attractions is minimal.

Of course, excursions at this time are much less organized, some sights in the "hot season" can be traveled any day, arranged for 7 excursions per week, while in winter only once a week or once every two weeks. But this trouble is compensated by the lack of crowds of tourists and the opportunity to bargain for the tour and get a big discount.

But, in winter the weather in Turkey on the Mediterranean coast is also rainy, that for a sightseeing holiday you can not name a good fact. December and January can even be called a "rainy season". The graph below shows the precipitation rates for each month.


If you go to Turkey for the sea, the sun and the beach. The period from June to October will suit you. The weather in Turkey will please you at this time.

If you go to the sights. Also suitable are March, April, May.

November, December, January and February will suit only those who like shopping.

The coast of the Aegean Sea is north and it is more open to the northern winds. In Izmir, it even happens in the winter, although not every year.

The beach season at the resorts around Izmir begins only in early July and ends in September. The water temperature in the Aegean Sea does not rise, usually above 26 degrees, even in the hottest month.

Already in May the air warms up, and Izmir becomes warm. Summer on the Aegean coast is slightly cooler than in Antalya.

The distribution of precipitation here is the same as on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea (we will not give the graph, it looks the same), but the amount of precipitation is two times less, there are no such heavy downpours in winter.


If you are coming here for the beach, the sun and the warm sea. The period from July to September is suitable for you.

If you go to the sights. Any month is suitable, the most popular excursion in Izmir is the city of Ephesus.

Shopping lovers Izmir fits the whole year, and the winter months even more. There are no crowds of tourists, you can without haste and see all the goods and bargain.

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